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You can find the updated online HDFC SIP Calculator on this page. Everyone wants to invest some amount in various Mutual Funds to secure their future. So, the HDFC Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is the best plan to invest in mutual funds. Therefore, use the HDFC SIP Calculator to calculate investment amount for monthly, yearly and daily. Thus, make use of the online SIP Calculator HDFC which is provided on our site. Also, know the benefits of Systematic Investment Plan in HDFC from here. For more details refer to the official website of HDFC Mutual Fund.

HDFC Asset Management Company Limited (AMC)

HDFC AMC Company is incorporated and was approved to act as an Asset Management Company for HDFC Mutual Fund securities have dated on 03 July 2000. The main headquarters of AMC is in Mumbai. While coming to the Investment Management Agreement, the HDFC trusted company as developed HDFC Asset Management Company Limited to maintain or manage various mutual funds schemes. The Some of the Zurich India Mutual Funds had migrated to the HDFC Mutual Funds on 19 June 2003. Also, the Asset Management Company providing advisory services or portfolio management and other activities are not conflict with the Mutual Fund activities.

 Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

The SIP is a better scheme to invest a small amount for a fixed period. The investor can invest money for monthly, yearly, and daily based on the SIP Scheme. SIP is more flexible because the investor can increase or decrease the investment amount that they have made. Also, the investor can stop investing money for a particular period of the plan. Systematic Investment Scheme is a better plan to those investors who have a little knowledge about the financial markets.

The benefits of SIP as it reduces the average cost of the units purchased. Also, the investors show more interest in buying more unit when the market value is less and purchasing fewer units when the market value is high. Hence with the help of HDFC SIP Calculator, the investors can know every month investment amount.

HDFC SIP Plan Overview

Features Description
Bank Name HDFC Mutual Fund
Scheme Name systematic Investment Plan
Rate of Interest As per the economy status
Minimum SIP Investment Rs. 500/-
Maximum SIP Investment Rs. 1,50,000/-
Eligibility Any individual

Latest SIP Interest Rates – HDFC SIP Annual Returns HDFC Mutual Funds SIP Annual Returns
1 HDFC Top 200 Mutual Fund – Direct 32.8
2 HDFC Top 200 Mutual Fund 31.8
3 HDFC Growth Fund – Direct 30.5
4 HDFC Growth Fund 29.6
5 HDFC Large Cap Fund – Direct 23.2
6 HDFC Large Cap Fund 23.0
7 HDFC Index- Sensex Plus – Direct 21.8
8 HDFC Index- Sensex Plus Plan 21.5
9 HDFC Small Cap Fund – Direct 33.1
10 HDFC Equity Fund -Direct 33.0
11 HDFC Equity Fund 31.9
12 HDFC Small Cap Fund 31.4
13 HDFC Core and Satellite – DIrect 31.0
14 HDFC Premier Multicap -Direct 30.5
15 HDFC Capital Builder – Direct 30.2
16 HDFC Premier Multicap 29.7
17 HDFC Core and Satellite 29.4
18 HDFC Capital Builder Mutual Fund 28.7
19 HDFC MidCap Opport – Direct 37.8
20 HDFC Midcap Oppurtunties 36.5

How to start SIP in Mutual Funds

Now investors can start Systematic Investment plan in HDFC Mutual Funds by following the below steps. Also, make use of Online HDFC SIP Calculator to calculate your investment amount for every month.

1. First log into the HDFC trading portal with your login ID and password, and date of birth. Then select the home page and click login now.


2. After completing the login process click on mutual funds tab and click on create mutual fund SIP from the drop down list.

Systematic Investment Plan

3. Then select the Exchange (BSE/NSE), AMC NMamem, subcategory, Fund category, Scheme name and click on submit button.


4. Enter Amount, Frequency, Period, Start date and click on submit.

SIP Calculator

5. Finally, agree to terms and conditions and click on confirm button.


 Benefits of HDFC SIP Calculator

Some of the HDFC MF SIP benefits are listed below. From these benefits, the investor can understand about the HDFC Mutual Funds.

Become a Disciplined Investor:

By the HDFC Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan, an investor can invest an amount of their choice of minimum Rs. 500/- per month. Also, by paying each month minimum amount the investor can reach their target amount very easily.

Note: The Minimum amount may be different for each scheme. So, please refer to SIP Enrolment details.

Reach to your Financial Goal:

The HDFC MF SIP is a perfect plan for the people who have a specific financial goal. By investing an amount of your choice for every month, the investor can meet their financial goals like marriage in a family, for child’s education, or for a comfortable postretirement life.

Here the below table indicates how a little amount for every month for 15 years helps to reach your financial goal.

Savings per month
(for 15 years)
Total amount invested
(Rs. in Lacs)
Rate of return
6.0% 8.0% 10.0%
(Rupees in Lacs, after 15 years)
5000 9.0 14.6 17.4 20.9
4000 7.2 11.7 13.9 16.7
3000 5.4 8.8 10.4 12.5
2000 3.6 5.8 7.0 8.3
1000 1.8 2.9 3.5 4.2

The monthly installments are compounded monthly for a 15 years period.

Take advantage of Rupee Cost Averaging

Most of the investors think to buy more stocks when the price is less and want to sell those stocks when the price is high. The most successful investment strategy is to adopt the method i.e. Rupee Cost Averaging. Here we have explained Rupee cost averaging by taking an example.

For example, Suresh invests Rs.1000/- every month in an equity mutual fund scheme which is starting from January. But his friend Ramesh invests Rs.12000/- at a time in the same scheme.

Suresh’s Investment Ramesh’s Investment
Month Net Asset Value Amount Units Amount Units
Jan-04 9.345 1000 107.0091 12000 1284.1091
Feb-04 9.399 1000 106.3943
Mar-04 8.123 1000 123.1072
Apr-04 8.750 1000 114.2857
May-04 8.012 1000 124.8128
Jun-04 8.925 1000 112.0448
Jul-04 9.102 1000 109.8660
Aug-04 8.310 1000 120.3369
Sep-04 7.568 1000 132.1353
Oct-04 6.462 1000 154.7509
Nov-04 6.931 1000 144.2793
Dec-04 7.600 1000 131.5789

From the above table Suresh have more units than ramesh at the end of 12 months. As they both invested the same amount. This has happened due to the average cost of suresh units is much lower than the Ramesh units. Ramesh has made only one investment when the cost per unit price was high.

The below graph shows that in February month the NAV value is high then it indicates that you can buy less number of units. Also in the month of October, the NAV Value is less which indicates that you can buy more no.of units.

Rupee Cost Averaging in SIP


Grow your Investment with compound benefits

It is a very better idea to save a small amount of money regularly, rather than to save a large amount at one time. This is because when you save a large amount at one time, then your savings may not earn much interest.

With the help of HDFC MF SIP, the amount you invest grows through compounding benefits as well i.e. the interest that is earned on your investment also earns interest. For clarification, here we have explained with an example.

For suppose, Sharmila is 20 years old when she started working. So, for every month she saves some amount. By calculating with the HDFC SIP Calculator Sharmila invests Rs. 5000/- till she is 25 years old. The total investment made by her over 5 years is 3 lakhs. Also, Ravi also starts working when he is 20 years. But he did not invest monthly. At once after 5 years he had got a bonus of total amount 3 lakhs at the age of 25, and he decides to invest the total amount.

They both decided not to withdraw these investments when they turn 50. After 50 years the Sharmila total investment had grown to Rs. 46,68,273/-. whereas Ravi’s investments have increased to Rs. 36,17,084/-. Because of her decision to invest a small amount to a SIP have made her get 10 lakhs more than Ravi.

SIP Calculator for HDFC
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  1. my daughter is now of 13 years old , I want to start sip for her marrage . I want @ 50 lack for her marrage after 10 years investment. tell me how much i should invest in sip monthly ..

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