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From here you can find online ICICI SIP Calculator. You all know that ICICI Bank is one of the top nationalized banks. Then it is very better to invest an amount in the ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Schemes for future. As we said it is good to invest, but you have to know how much money do you need to invest for monthly, daily, and yearly. But it is a problem to calculate the money which you invest in various Mutual Fund Schemes. So for that case, you can use the ICICI SIP Calculator which is provided on our site. Thus, make use of it for better results. For more details refer to the official website of ICICI Pru Mutual Fund site.

About ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

The ICICI Prudential AMC (Asset Management Companies) is one of the leading company in India. By investing an amount in the ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds, you can fulfill your long and short term goals. The company has founded in 1993. Mainly ICICI Pru Mutual Fund is focussed on bridging the gap between investments and savings & creating a long period wealth for an investor by simple and relevant investment solutions. Also, the ICICI Pru Mutual Fund (AMC) has designed products to meet the needs of a customer which leads to well-diversified mutual funds. Only the KYC Customers can invest in the mutual fund schemes.

What is SIP?

The SIP is commonly known as Systematic Investment Plan. It is a path to the mutual fund investors which allows them to invest small amounts for a particular period. The investment can be done monthly, yearly and daily based on the investor interest. The Systematic Investment plan is flexible because the investor can stop investing an amount in any period of the plan. Also, the investor can increase or decrease the investment amount.

If the investor doesn’t know more about financial markets, then the SIP investment is a better choice. The investor may purchase more units when the market value is less and less no. of units when the market value is more. The main benefits of the Systematic Investment Plan are it reduces the average cost of the units purchased.

ICICI SIP Plan Overview

Features Description
Bank Name ICICI Pru Mutual Fund
Scheme Name systematic Investment Plan
Rate of Interest As per the economy status
Minimum SIP Investment Rs. 500/-
Maximum SIP Investment Rs. 1,50,000/-
Eligibility Any individual

Latest SIP Interest Rates – ICICI SIP Annual Return

S.no Mutual Funds Annual Returns
 1 ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund -Direct 32.7%
2 ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund 31.4%
3 ICICI Pru-Focussed Bluechip Equity-IO 27.5%
4 ICICI Pru-Focussed Blue – Direct 27.4%
5 ICICI Pru select large cap fund- DP 27.3%
6 ICICI Pru-Focussed Bluechip Equity 26.2%
7 ICICI Pru select Large Cap Fund – RP 25.7%
8 ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund – Inst-1
9 ICICI Pru select large cap fund (IO) I
10 ICICI Pru Midcap Fund – Inst I
11 ICICI Pru Mid Cap Fund – Direct 32.9%
12 ICICI Pru Mid Cap Fund 31.7%
13 ICICI Pru Dividend Yield – DP 34.1%
14 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr 1- DP 34.0%
15 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr 3- DP 33.9%
16 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr 3- DP 33.9%
17 ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan – IP 33.7%
18 ICICI Pru Pru Dynamic Plan – Direct 33.7%
19 ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan – Inst 33.7%
20 ICICI Pru Dividend Yield – RP 33.3%
21 ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan 32.7%
22 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr 3-RP (G) 32.0%
23 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr 3-RP (D) 32.0%
24 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr 3-RP (D) 32.0%
25 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr-2-DP  30.8%
26 ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund – DP  30.4%
27 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr-5-DP  30.2%
28 ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund  28.9%
29 ICICI Pru Recovery Fund – Sr-2-RP  28.8%
30 ICICI Pru Value Discovery-Inst-1
31 ICICI Pru Value Fund -Sr 5-RP 28.7%
32 ICICI Pru IndoAsia Equity-Direct 28.6%
33 ICICI Pru IndoAsia Equity IP 28.0%
34 ICICI Pru IndoAsia Equity RP 28.0%
35 ICICI Pru Growth Fund-Sr3-DP 27.2%
36 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 6-DP 24.7%
37 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 4-DP 24.1%
38 ICICI Pru 200 Fund – Inst-I
39 ICICI Pru Discovery – DP 23.7%
40 ICICI Pru Value Fund – Sr 4- RP 23.0%
41 ICICI Pru Value Fund – Sr 6-RP 22.9%
42 ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund 22.1%
43 ICICI Pru Equity Income Fund -DP 18.0%
44 ICICI Pru Equity Income Fund – RP 17.1%
45 ICICI Pru Exp & Other services -DP 13.2%
46 ICICI Pru Exp & Other services -RP 12.2%
47 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 1-DP 1.3%
48 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 2-DP 0.1%
49 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 1-RP -0.7%
50 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 3-DP -0.7%
51 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 2-RP -2.3%
52 ICICI Pru Value Fund-Sr 6-RP -3.1%

 Register for Invest@ease Service through offline

  • Only the ICIC Bank Savings holders can register for Invest@ease which helps them to make an investment through online.
  • All the residents who are having ICICI Savings Bank Account can register for Invest@ease.

Offline process for Registration:

  • To register for Invest@ease first of all, you need to fill the application form. The application form is available at any branch of ICICI Bank. Otherwise, download from the official website.
  • After filling the application form with all details all the account holders should sign on that application form.
  • Then along with the duly filled application form, you need to submit the required documents like identity proof, Address proof and CVL KYC acknowledgement Slip.
  • Finally, they should submit the application form with the necessary documents in any of the ICICI Branch.
  • Only after completing the registration, only then you can start the transaction.
  • So to buy Mutual Funds, you need to log on to www.icicibank.com with your respective user ID and password.
  • If you want to purchase, then you have an option to select the scheme depending on AMC.

Note: The CVL KYC is mandatory for all mutual funds investment. So you have to check the CVL KYC Status from the official Site.

If you have checked its status (i.e. if it shows CVL KYC Status is verified or in process), then you can proceed to complete the registration process as mentioned above.

How to Check the Status of KYC (Know your Customer)

The KYC Status can be checked depending on the submission of your KYC Application form. So, if you submitted KYC Form in CDSL Ventures Ltd. CVL. Then you need to follow the below steps.

  • First, visit www.cvlindia.com.
  • The click the “Inquiry on KYC.
  • After that enter your PAN Number and click on submit button.
  • Finally, your name appears along with the status as “verified” if you are KYC Complaint. Then afterwards you can take a printout of the form.
  • Later it is sufficient as a document of acknowledgement.

You can also check Status if you have submitted KYC application form in the websites like

  1. NSE (DotEx International) – www.nsekra.com
  2. CAMS – www.camskra.com
  3. NSDL Database Management Ltd (NDML) – www.kra.ndml.in
  4. Karvy – www.karvykra.com

Benefits and Features

Here are some benefits and features of Invest@ease which have mentioned below.

  • By the Invest@ease you can purchase, and also you can switch to online or compensate some of the defects.
  • The Systematic Investment Plan Facility is available here.
  • Also, Mutual Fund Portfolio and the net asset value can track very easily.
  • The Sum of money paid regularly and Savings facility can be available on Invest@ease only for those who are purchase through Invest@ease.
  • The Funds for Redemption and Dividend is directly credited to the savings account.

ICICI SIP Calculator – Calculates return and Investment Amount in Mutual Funds

The ICICI SIP Calculator will calculate the investment amount that you want to invest monthly, yearly and daily. Everyone don’t know how much amount should invest for monthly, yearly and daily to reach the target amount. So, by using the SIP Calculator, you can calculate the amount within less time then by calculating manually. Because some may feel hard by solving SIP amount by using formula. Therefore use the online ICICI SIP Calculator to calculate your Investment amount.

The individual has a facility that one can invest infinity amount in the scheme which they have interest.

SIP Calculator of ICICI

   Mutual Funds KYC guidelines

The some of the guidelines of Mutual Funds KYC have mentioned below. They are

  • KYC is Commonly known as “know your customer.”
  • As the effect from 1st January  2012,  the investors with irrespective of investments in Mutual Funds are required to follow the act by carrying out any transactions in Mutual Funds.
  • Therefore the investors investing money into various mutual funds should be KYC Complaint by any KYC rating Agencies. Without KYC the transactions may be rejected by the respective mutual fund houses.
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