Privacy Policy

It is important to know the privacy policy of SIP Calculator. You can get the privacy policy from here. It is very important to know the SIP Calculator privacy policy before using our site. When you visit our site, we can know all details of you. So, once you have to visit the privacy policy of which is available here and should accept it. By accepting the privacy Policy you feel safe and secure.

When you visit our site to know your Investment amount by entering the total amount. You will know the result. That values won’t be saved. We will know the details only when you fill any forms on our site by entering your personal details like name, E-mail ID, phone number etc. So, it is very important to accept the Privacy Policy.

Also when you visit our site to know about the unknown details of SIP Calculators, then your System Internet Protocol, Internet Service Provider (ISP), referred pages and browsing History details that you have shared will be automatically collected by us. So, according to this privacy policy, before using the site you are agreed to our use of all those personal details.

The privacy is for SIP Calculators only. We are not responsible for any third party privacy policies which are there on our site. So, it is very important to check the third party privacy policies while accessing their sites. © 2017 Frontier Theme