SIP Calculator of SBI – Calculate Returns of Investments in SBI Mutual Fund Schemes

Don’t know how much investments should be made in SBI Mutual Funds? Now it is very easy to know with the help of SBI SIP Calculator. Also, you can know the maturity amount by Systematic Investment Plan calculator. From here you can clearly understand about SBI Systematic Investment Plan. So, for more details about the SBI SIP calculator, you can get from the below sections.

SBI Mutual Fund – State Bank of India

The SBI Mutual Fund is a bank originally began in the year 1963.  SBI mutual fund becomes one of the non-UTI mutual funds in India. The headquarters of SBI Mutual Fund is in Mumbai. Also, in 2004 it is a venture with SGAM. It was launched in the year 1987. In 2015 Employee Provident Fund organization decided to invest in the equity market for the first time by investing of Rs. 5000/- crore in the ninety Sensex ETFs. The official website of the SBI Mutual Fund is The SBI Mutual Fund offers various mutual funds schemes such as Hybrid schemes, Equity schemes, Debt schemes, Liquid Schemes, Exchange traded fund, & fixed maturity plans. It also provides portfolio management to financial institutions.

What is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

The SIP works on the principal of regular investments. It is a smart and most convenient method for investing money in mutual Funds. i.e. the Systematic Investment Plan allows you to pay for ten periodic periods of 500/- for each month in the place of lump-sum investments of Rs. 5000/-. Also, it helps to make a habit of saving some amount for future purpose. With the SIP you can invest fixed amount in the SBI Mutual Funds monthly, yearly and daily for a particular period. The factor power of compounding will help your money to earn more over the years. So, dream more and earn more. Thus start investing through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and work hard towards achieving your dreams.Therefore with the help of SBI SIP Calculator, you can calculate your investment & return amount. The amount which is available in your account is automatically transferred to the particular Mutual Fund Scheme.

Therefore with the help of SIP Calculator, you can calculate your investment & return amount. The amount which is available in your account is automatically transferred to the particular Mutual Fund Scheme.

Eligibility to apply for Mutual Funds in SBI

Any individual who is the resident of India can use this Systematic Investment plan to invest an amount (i.e. no limit)  in different mutual funds. So, depending on the interest, you can invest in any of the Mutual Fund schemes.

SBI SIP Plan Features

Features Description
Bank Name State Bank of India
Scheme Name systematic Investment Plan
Rate of Interest As per the economy status
Minimum SIP Investment Rs. 500/-
Maximum SIP Investment Rs. 1,50,000/-
Eligibility Any individual

SIP Interest Rate – SBI SIP Annual Returns Mutual Funds Annual Returns
 1 SBI Blue Chip Fund – Direct 22.2%
2 SBI Blue Chip Fund 20.8%
3 SBI Magnum Equity Fund – Direct 19.7%
4 SBI Magnum Equity Fund 18.7%
5 SBI Small and Mid Cap Fund – Direct 32.0%
6 SBI Small and Midcap Fund 30.4%
7 SBI Magnum Midcap Fund – Direct 28.2%
8 SBI Magnum Midcap Fund 26.7%
9 SBI Emerging Business – Direct 20.5%
10 SBI Emerging Business 19.4%
11 SBI Magnum Global Fund – Direct 14.4%
12 SBI Magnum Global Fund 13.2%
13 SBI PSU Fund -Direct 41.4%
14 SBI PSU Fund 40.8%
15 SBI Magnum Multicap Fund – Direct 27.4%
16 SBI Equity Oppor. Sr-2- Direct 26.9%
17 SBI Equity Oppor.Sr-2- Regular 26.8%
18 SBI Magnum Multicap Fund 26.0%
19 SBI Equity Oppor Sr-1-Regular 25.4%
20 SBI Equity Oppor Sr-1-Direct 25.5%
21 SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund – Direct 24.1%
22 SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund 23.5%
23 SBI ContraFund -Direct 20.8%
24 SBI ContraFund 20.1%
25 SBI Equity Savings Fund – DP 12.8%
26 SBI Equity Savings Fund – RP 11.3%

 How to Register in SBI for investing in various Mutual Funds Schemes

1. Offline Investment

  • For registration, first of all, you should contact the representative of SBI Mutual Fund.
  • Then obtain the application form and KYC form from the official website or get an application from any branch of SBI Mutual Fund.
  • Later fill the application / KYC form with the necessary information like name, address, PAN number, E-mail ID, mobile number, etc. The Mobile number and email address are used for further reference.
  • After that attach photocopies of relevant documents and then submit along with the required demand draft.
  • Then finally, the SBI Mutual Fund will provide a portfolio number for that particular investment. After the transaction completed, you will also receive an account statement.

2.  Investment through Online Portal

SBI Mutual Fund is more quick and efficient online portal that helps you to manage your investments through online. Here are some features that make your online investments very easy.

  • Easy customers services: Before investing an amount you should need to complete the KYC process also register your email id to get username and password.
  • Family Solution Plan: By using the Family Solution Plan you can plan and make investments and maximize your returns to achieve the dreams of your family members.
  • Financial Transactions: Now you have a facility to complete financial transactions like switching your investments from one scheme to another scheme and investing an amount in a scheme which you are interested.
  • Compare the Funds: Now you can compare the funds on which you are invested in seeing the change in their NAV Value for a particular period. So, then you can make your decisions about the investments in various funds.
  • Online chat: If you find any kind of problem, you can talk with the expert of SBI Mutual Fund in the form of chat which is available on their official site. So, that they answer to your queries or about the problems you have asked.

3. SBI Mutual Fund m-Easy

  • Now the SBI Mutual Fund is providing ‘m-Easy’ which is a mobile investment facility. In which you can invest an amount on which you have interest.  Also, you can change from one Scheme to another via through SMS.
  • By this m- Easy you can manage your investment from anywhere.

4. Mobile application

  • By the mobile app, you can enjoy services from anywhere in India. From the SBI Mutual Fund Mobile app, you can invest an amount in the particular scheme in which you have interest.
  • It can make possible by logging in to the mobile app with their social networks sites.
  • Also by the mobile app, the investor can quickly locate their SBIMF Branch.

SBI SIP Calculator – Calculates Investments made in Mutual Funds

Here on our site, we are providing online SBI SIP Calculator. So, it is very easy to calculate your investments and the return amount by using the Systematic Investment Plan calculator. With the help of the Systematic Investment Calculator, you need not do any manual calculations. It will directly display the result by only one click. So, use the online Systematic investment calculator to calculate your maturity amount.

An individual can invest an amount in the particular scheme in which they have interest. Also, they can change from one particular scheme to another Scheme.

SIP Calculator for SBI
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