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In our site, we are providing online SIP Planner. By using it, you can calculate your SIP Amount within less time. Also, you can know your Monthly, Yearly and Daily investment amount by entering your target amount in the SIP Planner Calculator. So, if you know your monthly investment amount, then it is very easy to pay. Then use the online Systematic Investment Planner which is present on our site. For more information regarding calculation, we have explained by taking an example which is given below. Thus, follow the below sections to know more clearly.

What is SIP Planner?

Normally, the SIP is a Systematic Investment Plan in which you can invest a minimum of Rs. 500/- per month. It can help you to save money for future. The SIP will allow you to invest pre-determined money at regular intervals. Everyone plan to invest money to get their target amount at the end of the investment scheme. But they don’t know how much amount should be paid for monthly or yearly or daily to get the target value at the end. So in that case, you can use the SIP Planner which calculates the Target value and provides SIP Amount. i.e. it will tell you the amount which you need to save each day/ each year or each month to reach your goal (Target amount). Then you can get SIP Amount which is to be paid which is to be paid for monthly, yearly or daily.

For the Calculation, you can use the online Systematic Investment Planner which is present on your site. Therefore, it is the most convenient method to calculate the SIP Amount. Also, there is a formula for the calculation of Systematic Investment Plan Amount. But it is tough to calculate manually for the investors. For that case, we are providing Online SIP Planner. So, you can quickly calculate your SIP Amount by using it. Otherwise, you can also use the below example, which has calculated manually by using the Formula. From one example only you can directly know Monthly, Yearly, and Daily SIP Amount.

SIP Planer

SIP Frequency SIP Amount Total Investment
every year
every month
every day

How to Calculate SIP Amount – Monthly, Yearly, and Daily

Here we are calculating SIP Amount by using a Systematic Investment Planner formula which is below. If you feel this method is easy then follow this process. Otherwise, you can use the online Calculator by entering your Target amount to know the SIP Amount.

Example for Calculating SIP Amount based on the Target Amount

Do you want to reach your Target amount of Rs 12670/- then based on the target amount you can know the SIP Amount by entering other details like after how many years do you want to get the Target value.

Here in this example, we take no.of years one year and the expected rate as 10%. You can take expected rate as you wish as per the rules. Then the monthly, yearly, and Daily SIP Amount is

The SIP Amount is calculated by using the formula as

P = FV / [((1+i)n-1)/ i) * (1+i)]


P= SIP Amount

FV= Future Value or Maturity Amount

n= Number of SIP payments

i= Periodic interest rate per SIP Payment

The SIP Amount Calculation is 

FV = 12670

n= 12

i= 10%

P= 12670 / [((1+10/100)^12-1) / 10/100) * (1+10/100)]

Then it will display SIP Amount in the form of a table.

SIP Frequecncy SIP Amount Total Investment
Every year 11518.18 11518
Every month 999.98 12000
Every day 33 12045

In this way, you can calculate your SIP Amount by using formula. As we said earlier that if you feels this method of calculation is easy for you. Then follow this procedure to know your Systematic Investment Plan Amount. Otherwise, use the online Systematic Investment Planner which is available on our site.

While Coming to the rate of interest, there is different interest rate for different banks. Also, the rate of interest will not remain same for all time because by depending on the market value the interest rate changes. So, know the current interest rate of the banks in which you are investing money for the future purpose.

SIP Calculator
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