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You have to follow terms and conditions before you access our site. Check the terms and conditions of sipcalculators.com. Only after agreeing to the terms and conditions you can able to access our site. Once if the rules have changed then you can know the updated terms and conditions.

The users can use sipcalculators.com for their personal use. They don’t have right to use the site for those things which are illegal. So, they can use the site to know unknown things. The data which is provided in this sipcalculators.com site is not for any commercial, business, or for any other purpose. If the users have any requests or suggestions then they can email us. Then we may help you in changing and modifying the data.

There is no right to publish or copy the matter that is available on the site sipcalculator.com. Also, the users have no permission to change the data or to remove the available data that is present on the site sipcalculators.com. You don’t┬áhave any right to copy the data or images or any other material on our site. You agree not to modify the data, but after modifying the data by us you can use it without any problem. We have right to remove any comments or unwanted messages that are present in the site sipcalculators.com

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